Norsk Filmklippere (Norwegian Film Editors) is an organisation for professional film editors in Norway.
With over 90 members, N:F:K's mission is to give Norwegian editors a space to stay connected and collectively campaign for better working standards in the film industry. 
In addition to annual meetings, we regularly gather for seminars and screenings to discuss the craft of editing. N:F:K also provides an important space for editors to make connections and share professional experiences with their colleagues, many of whom never meet because they are freelancers who are scattered across the film industry.
Our members work in all corners of the industry, including feature films, documentaries, television projects, advertising, art films, social media content and educational material.
N:F:K campaigns for best practices within the industry and is in close dialogue with Norsk Filmforbundet
(The Norwegian Film Union) in an effort to make sure editors have sustainable working conditions. 
N:F:K is also a proud co-founder and member of TEMPO (Federation of Film Editors Associations).